Cabins in Murphy NC

Cabins in Murphy NC – The Perfect Way to Escape Your Everyday Routine

If you have been searching for a vacation rental in a place full of small town charm, that hearkens you back to when life was simpler, look no further than cabins in Murphy NC. Murphy, North Carolina is home to under 2000 residents, and its quaint downtown with tree lined streets and historic buildings is sure to make you feel at home. Murphy was founded in 1835 and in 1851 became the county seat of Cherokee county. It has played a strong role in the history of the region along with Andrews and Brasstown NC. Everyone needs a break from the mundane day to day. Cabins in Murphy NC offer the opportunity to experience the mountains, forget about work stress, turn your phone off and pretend you are in another time. A time when strangers said hello to each other, there was a lot less traffic, and knowing your neighbors was common practice.

Take a Break from the Hustle and Bustle of the Big City at Hiwassee Cabins in Murphy NC

Living in the big city can take its toll. Of course the lights, excitement, and throngs of people are often worthwhile, and career and job opportunities are at times more plentiful, but everyone needs to escape the intensity now and again. If you live in Atlanta, Nashville, or Charlotte, where can you go in just a short time to find some privacy, quiet, and even solitude? Cabins in Murphy NC are the answer you’ve been seeking! Located approximately two hours from Atlanta and between three and a half to four hours from Charlotte and Nashville, Murphy is a sweet spot many travelers are not aware of. Hiwassee River Cabins in Murphy NC give you the much needed opportunity to kick off your shoes and put your feet in the river, wake up early and get ready for some excellent fishing, sit quietly on the porch and watch the birds, and make lunch in the afternoon and eat at the picnic table. Hiwassee Cabins in Murphy NC will remind you how to slow down and enjoy yourself.

Take Day Trips to Other Wonderful Small Towns and Cities while Staying at Cabins in Murphy NC

Renting cabins in Murphy NC doesn’t mean you have to be alone in the woods your entire visit. In an hour and a half to two hours you can visit some of Western North Carolina’s best small towns and cities and see some of the area’s most beautiful mountain views. The city of Asheville, known throughout the country as “Beer City USA” and “the Paris of the South”, is home to approximately 85,000 people and sits to the north east of Murphy NC. Asheville is a widely recognized hot spot for vacationers from around the country. It is known for vibrant arts, music, local food, sustainable agriculture, craft beer, and outdoor adventure scenes. Chattanooga, TN has a population of approximately double that of Asheville and is located directly West of Murphy. Chattanooga is known for its beautiful downtown and gorgeous riverfront, as well as its arts community and outdoor activities. Both cities are worth the visit while you are in the area, and as soon as your are done with the lights and crowds you can quickly return to secluded cabins in Murphy NC.