Cabins in the North Carolina Mountains

Why Choose Cabins in the North Carolina Mountains?

The Appalachian Mountains span a great deal of the Eastern United States. The Blue Ridge covers Virginia and North Carolina. The Smoky Mountains reach through North Carolina into Tennessee. All of these areas are beautiful, and whether you are in Vermont or Georgia, the mountains are a wonderful place to be. So why consider vacationing in cabins in the North Carolina mountains rather than other areas? The answer is simple: the people.

The NC state motto is “Esse quam videri”, which means “to be, rather than to seem”, which in simplest terms is a call to action to be a real person and avoid just putting on appearances. People in North Carolina, especially in the Western part of the state, are generally known for being friendly, approachable, respectful, hardworking, and honest. They like to spend quiet mountain nights looking at stars or enjoying sunsets and twilight on the porch as much as they enjoy nights out on the town with dancing and music or a summer community festival. Of course there are naturally some less than perfect apples in the bunch, but overall time spent in the North Carolina mountains is guaranteed to be delightful whether you are searching for seclusion and privacy or to make friends on your travels. Choosing to stay in cabins in the North Carolina mountains means you will get to experience the beauty of the region and if you want to, to make some local friends.

Explore the Great Outdoors the Way You Like to While Staying at Hiwassee River Cabins in the North Carolina Mountains

Hiwassee River Cabins in the North Carolina Mountains offer a great stay on the Hiwassee River in Murphy NC, just a stones throw from a plentitude of outdoor experiences for visitors of all ages and interests. People define “outdoor activities” as different things depending on personal taste, preference, and passion. Some visitors to the NC mountains can’t wait to hike the highest peak or kayak the harshest rapids. Some prefer a leisurely walk on a well paved trail. Some just want to watch the river flow by while relaxing in the hot tub. Regardless of how you define “time in nature” you have access to it all at the Hiwassee River cabins in the North Carolina mountains. Plan your days with fun filled trips tubing, mountain biking, fishing, and more or, if you want, plan NOTHING! Simply wake up every morning with a smile on your face and relax on the porch with tea and a book for hours. Your vacation at cabins in the North Carolina mountains should be spent doing whatever makes you happiest.

The Perks of Hot Tub Cabins in the North Carolina Mountains

Hot tubs are one of most popular amenities found in cabins in the North Carolin mountains, and Hiwassee River Cabins has a hot tubs for six on the river facing porch of each cabin. Nothing is more rejuvenating then letting the tension and stress of life melt away in the hot tub while watching the birds, trees, river, and sky. Hot tubs can also provide a little bit of romance if you are on a special anniversary or honeymoon trip. Prepare meals, take a walk, watch a movie, and end the night with a dip in the hot tub with your special someone. Make your trip to the mountain unforgettable with Hiwassee River Cabins in the North Carolina Mountains.